TransAmerican Bicycle Posse

COAST-TO-COAST US BICYCLE TOUR 2006 locations pictures and tales of the posse en route


2 months later..

Since our trip, we've gotten a bit of recognition from AdventureCycling magazine. Hopefully some of our stories will be printed in the next edition of the periodical. We've also been featured in newspapers in West Yellowstone, MT and Woodinville, WA:

Where we are now:

Matt is now working on a ranch in Colorado, but plans to move to Salt Lake City in time for ski season. He will make snowboards for a living.
Daniel and Stuart are performing regularly in the Durham, NC-based band Bombadil (
Farokh is attending medical school in Florida, and is the only one of us who dissects human beings.
Chris is a carpenter's apprentice and living in the mountains of Asheville, NC
Jeff is a stock trader and lives in NYC, where he also drives a bikecab around Manhattan.
Toshio is living with his girlfriend in Japan, teaching English with the JET program.


The Last Hurrah

The West Coast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - Thank you friends, family, and everyone who supported us along the way

Chris and the Cascades
An underhanded postcard transaction complete with paper cup

Lost in Seattle

The Mayor of Mt. Vernon made us pancakes (Toshio's sister made us team shirts - How do you like them?)

The biker's espresso

Diablo Lake in Western Washington

Old log shoot

Thank you Scot and Maja for Washington hospitality

Having a good laugh before our last mountain pass

Weightlifting in Crystal Falls

A Washington maple leaf obscures an unsuspecting tourist

Buffalo roam the Idaho range

Typical general store in Montana

4th of July crew outside D15. Many thanks to Jason for hosting us in Missoula !

Matt stands poised, ready to pounce on the standing wave in Missoula.

Farokh, the smoke jumper, on the verge of extinguishing a raging cake-fire on HIS birthday

4th of July Pancake Breakfast with scooter chicks Amy and Carol


Washington Route

This is our route for the home stretch! Missoula to Mt. Vernon/Anacortes on the coast of the Puget Sound. We expect to arrive there onm the 12th, then make a short jaunt down to Seattle where we will take our separate ways from to visit family/take airplanes/continue biking/return home. Expect more pictures when we're at the coast! ps. right now we are in Kettle Falls, WA


Montana: Spanish for mountain

We've arrived safely in Missoula, Montana in time to celebrate Farokh's 22nd birthday as well as Independence Day. The riding has gone well thus far excepting the plethora of flat tires. Farokh and Jeff are tied at 11, with Chris following closely with 9. The mountains have really opened up, providing for easy riding along rivers. We'll spend the fourth here before heading up to Sandpoint, Idaho. There, we'll catch Hwy. 20 all the way to Puget sound. We'll then ferry across the sound and ride to the coast in Olympic NP on July 13th. Have fun looking at all our new posts. There are pictures added as far back as Colorado as well. Have a happy Fourth! -BCBC
Laundry time in Missoula. Daniel is in the impromptu "changing room"
Changing a flat outside Butte on I-15
" Free" camping under a bridge near Fairmont...
Austin, Garret (sp?), and Robin offered us some delicious lemonade. Thank you!
Jeff shows some class outside WalMart, where chicken was on sale.
Jeff rocks into Ennis, home to 660 people and 11,000,000 trout. We never ride at night, mom. I prooooooooooomise. ps, look at Chris' face.

Les Grandes Tetons and (not so bright and yellow) Yellowstone

We're happy we stayed an extra day in the Tetons!
Phelp's lake and Death Canyon in the background.
Daniel takes Time picture of the year as he captures the elusive and rarely seen Zoroastrian reptile bathing in a hot geyser near Firehole River.

In the foreground, young bikers, in the background, young mountains.

Continental Division

Rocky Mountain National Park (1)

By Walden, CO (2)
Entering the Great Divide Basin (3)

Exiting the Great Divide Basin (4)

Togwotee Pass, WY (5)

Yellowstone (6)

Seriously, again (7)

No really?!?! (8)

The freakin' sign fell down!!! (9)

Wyoming (WY-oh-ming): n. The act of gusting windily from the northwest, right into your face.

Daniel assimilates into the general fat American tourist population nicely with the shortest shorts we have ever seen.

Thank you Resor Family for hosting the BCBC

Cowboys on the Oregon Trail

Having a good time with good Mormons

A Mormon church group from Utah we ran into in Wyoming. They were doing a reenactment of the pioneers' journey through the area. Thanks for the mountain man breakfast!!

Melting away at Saratoga Hot Spring.

Farokh's superpower: the ability to blast boiling-hot water from his face.
(Lone Star Geyser, Yellowstone)

Old Faithful: The Fenway of Wiffle-Ball